Students from the University of Texas will be returning to Santa Fe Saturday, June 9. Many riders with SOB credentials remember the excitement and enthusiasm these students have for their 4000-mile bicycle trip from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska. There will be about 100 riders who are upper division and graduate students at the University of Texas making the trip in four different groups. One of the groups rides through Santa Fe and on to the California coast and then up the coast where they meet the other groups in British Columbia and then on to Anchorage.

The group will arrive on Saturday afternoon and SOB members meet them at Eldorado and lead them on the historic Old Santa Fe Trail to their hotel in the Railyard District. It is an exciting ride for SOB members on Old Santa Fe Trail where the combined groups of nearly 60 riders make an impressive scene with yellow SOB jerseys and the orange and blue jerseys of the Texans.

The schedule is a little different this year. The students arrive on Saturday and the dinner at the Las Campanas Country Club is on Sunday.

Mark June 9 and 10 on your calendars! Just put down Texas 4000 and it will jog your memory to plan to join in.

And watch for more posts in the coming days about the plans.

Submitted by Bill Pollock

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