Under cool but sunny skies, 4 SOB Riders gathered at the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado for the 4th Annuasl Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fest Gran Fondo. Signing in at 7:30, we picked up packets, pinned on number, and enjoyed our breakfast burritos and coffee. As the sun lit a blue sky and warmed the morning, we shed our cold weather gear and got ready to ride. We all agreed to a relaxing, casual ride as Larry took the lead for a 30+ MPH pace line to Pojoaque!! After regrouping at the Nambé Church (Sagrado Corazón de Jesus), we began the series of climbs to Cundiyo! Waiting at the summit above Cundiyo, were gourmet sliders!! Then it was a series of short climbs with long stretches of down hill to Chimayo. No… we did not climb the hill to Truchas!!  At Chimayo we were treated to honey infused Rice Krispy bars topped with Belgian chocolate. We were having a great time until our old nemesis, Niltsi , showed up and delivered a 12-14 MPH head wind all the back to the Four Seasons. The honey infused Rice Krispy bars provide the energy we need to battle the wind. Our motivation to finish the ride quickly were the tacos, beer and champagne waiting for us at the Four Seasons. Tony from Bike and Sport joined us and told us about the new location they are moving to (other end of the mall from Trader Joe’s). Members of the Mesquite Mazda Team from Dallas behind the lens… they could not believe a bunch of seniors crushed them on the ride!!


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