It was COLD, COLD, COLD (below my minimum but it was sunny) and wind from the North.  That is my summary.   OK, not.  We had 12 crazies, the usual suspects, at the start, heading up 599 frontage into a decent cold wind.  When we got to Montoyas, Monica had her derailleur break off at a most inopportune time, halfway up the climb of the first hill.  She fell but is ok albeit a bit bruised.  (It was cold enough to make metal brittle).  Rich L, in true SOB fashion, had the closest vehicle, so he kindly rode back to his place and got his truck and took Monica and her bike back to the start.  Once they departed, the rest of us continued up Montoyas and around Las Campanas as usual.  With the wind at our backs it was fast and comfortable.  Every turn into the wind reminded me of how cold it really was.  Finished with no more incidents and 27 miles.  Warmed up with a stout and green chili stew at Capital Grille.

Monica says. “The good news is that the bike frame only suffered a few scratches from the chain getting caught up in the derailleurs.  The bolt broke holding the rear derailleur on but did not hurt the bike frame. However, I’ve had to research the internet to find replacement derailleurs for both the front and back.  Campy 10 speed components are getting tough to find, but I found what I needed after “only” 4 hours of research!”

She plans to ride tomorrow.  I will make a ride time decision based on temp and wind.

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