Just to remind everyone.  The Store is OPEN.  Shipping clarification.  We are grouping all the orders together and they will all be shipped to Pam for distribution.

Also, to be absolutely clear.  There are 3 styles of jersey.  Axis Race, Axis Club, and Velocity.  The Velocity is the one with the mesh although it may not have been obvious looking at the fit kits.  So, please make sure you have ordered / order the jersey that you want.  If you want to reconsider or revise your purchase that is possible until we place the order with Hincapie in 2 weeks.  Just email via the contact form on the website if you think you want to change your choice.

Fit kits will be at Tuesday June 27 start from DeVargas and at June 29 (Caja start, photo) ride again.  Then they are going back to Hincapie.

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