Free Training Opportunity

At our Awards Luncheon on Thursday, Spin Doc offered to provide a free training session to the SOBs.  The sessions will be in either November or February.  Classes will be on the spin cycles with discussions of cadence, pedaling efficiency and concepts, body position on the bike and power transfer.  Each class is limited to 10 people, but multiple sessions will be held if there is more interest.  If you are interested, please contact Shirley Knarr at  by October 31.  Please indicate the number of people interested and whether you prefer November or February.


Pre-sale shopping day offer to SOBs

Spin Doc is offering a 1-day pre-sale shopping day to all SOBs.  On Wednesday, October 26, SOBs may purchase 2016 and older model bikes as well as some garments at sale prices that will go into effect on Thursday.  Sale discounts are greater than your SOB discount.  Your SOB discount will not apply.  Note that they have lots of special, high end women’s specific mountain and road bikes that are included in this sale.

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