599 RR to ABQ the flat way.  About 75 miles.  Note that there are two stretches where we will have to ride on the I25 shoulder (single file, as far to the right as possible).  About a mile from Waldo Cyn to Cochiti and then 5 miles from Santo Domingo to San Felipe.  The long section is mostly flat to down hill.  The short section is all down.  Total elev gain is 1400 ft over 73 miles, 2700 ft elev loss.

Long range weather forecast is good.

If we avg 15 mph riding this will take 5 hours saddle time.  0900 to 1400.  First train back is 1630.  2.5 hrs should be enough cushion.  There are trains at 1730 and 1830 as well.  We can start at 0830 if there is a strong desire to have more cushion.
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