The SOB club will begin more normal SOB rides on Thursday, May 6. It will take the board members and ride directors and assistants until then to organize ride leaders and methods of on-line sign up. Before May 6, and even after May 6 if riders desire, rides will continue to take place under the protocols previously established and posted on the SOB website. After May 6, Tuesday and weekend ad hoc rides will begin under those protocols as well.

Beginning in May, the club will post Thursday rides for our three groups of riders and will require riders to sign up on line (no more mass gatherings at a sign-up table). Rides may start in different places, and may be organized at the start so that groups are manageable in number, either by starting at different times or going in opposite directions on circular routes.

It is strongly encouraged that riders be fully vaccinated if you can get a shot, unless medical conditions prevent that. You must continue to follow the Covid restrictions posted on our website. Other cautions that we expect riders to adhere to include following current NM public health orders, e.g., staying socially distant and wearing masks as required by NM but especially on bike/pedestrian trails and in the downtown area.  We recommend keeping post-ride social activities outdoors.

If you have not submitted your two waivers for this year (the general waiver and the Covid waiver), you MUST do so before you begin to ride with us. If you are not on an email list for ad hoc ride notifications, do sign up on the form at the bottom of the Covid-19 ride information page of the SOB website.

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