This was posted on Facebook by Bike Santa Fe:

Reported by two different motorists on their way to work about 8 am Thursday July 13. One of the drivers is a serious cyclist, here on a work detail from Michigan.
A group of about 10 road riders heading SE on 599 about 8 am turned right/ south (blew through) on the red light at Hwy 14 (Turquoise Trail) without stopping.
This kind of behavior contributes to a pervasive poor image of cyclists by motorists AND it is illegal.
“Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles.” Proceed right on a red light only after coming to a full stop. A full stop on a bicycle, that communicates to motorists, is putting your foot down on the ground or if clipped in and able-track standing, even for just a moment.
These are obviously seasoned riders but ALL riders can benefit from taking a Smart Cycling course. Implementing good road user habits benefits the credibility of the cycling community.

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