SOB Riders headed to Los Alamos to tackle the loop!! IT WAS A PERFECT DAY TO RIDE!! We assembled at Smith’s in Los Alamos, divided into groups and began the trek.

The first challenge for some was to conquer Pajarito Ski Basin Climb. We were soon reminded just how tough this climb really is!! Great view!!

Then it was around the loop to Bandelier National Park with the descent into the canyon, a recovery at the Visitor Center and a climb out of the canyon to White Rock.

The final challenge was the climb up the truck route back to Los Alamos and Smith’s parking lot. GREAT decision to ride the loop earlier in the year!! The weather was perfect!!  The Los Alamos Loop provides a lot of personal challenges with varying routes and difficulties. The different ride options and great views make this ride a most do event. After the ride we regroup at the Parajito Brewpub and Grill to relive our adventures, and enjoy lunch and brew.

Overall we rode 41 – 47+ miles with 3,100 to 4,500+ feet of ascent.


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