The SOB Riders headed out of DeVargas Mall  (from the new parking area) under heavy gray clouds for a normal trip out to the Mission El Sagrado Corazon or Sacred Heart Church in Name. We climbed Old Taos Highway, then crossed over to Bishop’s Lodge Road for a rocket descent to Tesuque Village Market.  After a quick regroup, it was multiple pace lines to Pojoaque. In route we lost ride leader Rick to a flat debacle. The group split at Pojoaque with some riders electing to return directly to Santa Fe. The remaining riders, leaderless, meandered over toward the Name Church. It was here that SOB Riders “crossed the Rubicon”… taking the irrevocable step committing us to our specific course… (Ed behind the lens).

Coming back through Pojoaque, Ed decided visit Roxanne Swentzell Tower Gallery in Pojoaque. It is located in the Pojoaque Culture Center across from the Philip’s 66 gas station we use as a regroup point. For us art lovers, Ed has given it 2 thumbs up. I recommend we all take time to visit it some day (Ed behind the lens).

Here’s the link:

Heading back to Santa Fe, the Ride split again at Tesuque… half the riders making the climb Bishop’s Lodge Road; while the remainder climbed the 285 Frontage Road. All in all… about 40+ miles; about 2200+ feet of climb and NO RAIN!! In the end, we all rendezvoused at DeVargas Mall and headed to 5 Star Burgers with lunch and refreshments. At lunch we said goodbye to David and Christine as they prepared to wing their way to Europe for a fun vacation. Fly Safe; Be Safe!



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