2018 SOB End of Year Luncheon

  1. Number of scheduled Thursday rides– 27
  2. Number of riders(with dups) -1164
  3. Our combined A, B & C routescovered 2,593 miles that would have taken us from Santa Fe to Quebec City (2,300 miles)
  4. Our cumulative individual mileage(adding up the mileage for each rider) was 143,252 miles enough to take us 5.75 times around the globe at the equator (24,901 miles). Are we bicyclists or maybe mountain climbers???
  5. Our combined A, B & C climb total was 143,252 feet or 27.13 miles high
  6. Our cumulative individual climbtotalwas 1,838,585 feet or 348 miles high
  7. We could have climbed all 53 of Colorado’s 14teeners (that are 742,000 feet or 141 miles high) 2.478 times from sea level

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