Today a large group(s) of around 30 riders, widely spaced on the narrow road, cycled from the Pecos Ranger station towards Terraro, for the annual SOB Memory Ride.

The ride out was done in silence (apart from the shouting of car warnings) and was a pleasant gently climbing experience out to the Pecos River bridge just before Terraro.

At this point we parked our bikes and moved down to the river. Bill Pollack gave an introduction and listed the SOB riders who had passed away, with a short comment on the particular characteristics that past members brought to the group. The next step was for Bill and Judy to cast a rose into the waters in memory of each past member. At this point Bill slipped down the bank and almost went into the river with the roses. Fortunately he suffered only minor cuts and bruises and was rescued and attended to by a local Park Ranger who was nearby.

Roses were cast into the tumbling Pecos by Judy, Lyn and John V.

Here are some pics of the event, courtesy of Pam Parfitt.

Bill introducing the past members.


Bill being treated for his wounds.

Bill, Judy and Lyn preparing to toss the roses.

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