To continue processing our loss, we will have an open membership meeting on Thursday March 10.  Location TBD.  We will post location soon.  Time 10.30 am in place of normal ride.  Any and all may speak and share.  Richard Hughes, Clare’s husband will join us.  Please attend.  

Richard has shared the following message with us via Lynn Pickard who confirmed that we could share it.

  Lynn–I very much appreciated hearing from you, and your very kind thoughts.  Wholly apart from my loss, which is profound, I feel so sorry for the SOBs, and how terribly they must all feel.  I am especially concerned about Judy, as Lore told me that she was also seriously injured in the accident.

  Clare was an amazing, larger-than-life woman.  Biking with the SOBs had become one of her greatest loves.  It would be nice if some day when we have begun to get past this grief I could spend some time with the SOBs, just to let them know how much they meant to her.  And I wish you the very best in your recovery, and hope that you will be back on your bike in due time.  Thank you again.        –rwh

Further we have heard that Judy had surgery for hip and arm fractures today,  but that her neck is not of great concern per the ER nurse.

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