SOB Info Notes for May 1, 2016

”I’m doing fine!” says Judy Costlow. She is planning on helping at the sign-in table on Thursday, May 5th at the Agora Center in Eldorado. The rides leave a little earlier at 9:30.

The current membership is 132. Thursday May 5th will be the last day that a table will be set up for people wanting to renew or join. The Member List with phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be published in mid May and made available to all SOBs that want one. Be sure and check with Shirley at the membership table to insure that your information is accurate.

The riders that meet at the DeVargas Center on Tuesdays will be forming two groups; the hard riders and the relaxed riders. The routes and speed are decided by the riders present and the start time is the same as the Thursday rides.

The Senior Olympics is May 7th from 8:00 to 12:00. For those wanting to help out or watch, the starting point is the Road Runner RV Park in Pojoaque. Contact Dick Roth at:

A memorial is scheduled for Clare Rhoades on Saturday May 14th. Please wait until the official announcement for the particulars. Do Not Call.

The Santa Fe Century is May 22nd. A lot of us are doing this event so be sure and wear your SOB jerseys. There will be a booth set up at the registration sign-in area for those wanting to chat. Also those taking part in the “Ride for a Reason” for the St. Elizabeth Shelter and Supportive Housing group will have a presences there.

Create a “Ride for a Reason” Team and fundraiser for St. Elizabeth Shelters and Supportive Housing. Goto: to start your team and learn more or call 505-982-6111 Ext 104. Also you can view this video for more information:!ride-for-a-reason/c1v3j.

For sale a 2016 SOB short sleeve women’s XS jersey. Worn once, clean, $35 or make an offer. Contact Dena at: 505-310-1646 or

Pam Reynolds is getting the online Team Store ready for those wanting to purchase SOB gear from Pactimo Custom Cycle Apparel, a Denver based company. The store will be open for two weeks, then the order is processed, so that the items will be available in late June.

From Tim Rogers, Community Cruisers, “Grand Unified Trail System, GUTS will celebrate the National Bike to School Day on Wed. May 4th. Meet at the SFCC campus 8:30 to 9:00 am, followed by a “GUTS Study Ride”. More information is available at:

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