SOB Info Notes

April 4, 2017

There are a lot of new things to share with you.

The membership renewal procedure has been streamlined and put on-line. Go to the web site: and click on CONTACT. Choose JOIN OR RENEW and you will find all the information you’ll need including the ability to pay on-line. Thanks to Bob B, Ian N, and Steve G for all the work it took setting this up.

The club submitted to the State of New Mexico an application to be classified as a non-profit 501 (c) (7) which was accepted. Thanks Shirley K, Lynn P, and Steve G for the hours spent dealing with the State and Federal bureaucracies.

The route slips are being put on the web site. Go to: and click on: RIDE CALENDAR and choose: 2017 Thursday Rides. Select the ride’s starting point, which is Museum Hill this week. Under GPS Routes for the rides are below are the ride choices: A, B+, B, B-, and C with the mileage and feet of climbing. When you select the ride of your choice you will get: a map of the route, the elevation graphic, and the Que Sheet. Thanks Bob B and Ian N for what is a major improvement to the clubs operation.

The Board met with David M on issues dealing with the mountain bike group that has been riding as an SOB Ad Hoc ride. He did not feel the group wanted to pay for the addition insurance coverage. Therefore the Santa Fe SOB cycling club will be a road club only in the future.

There will be membership renewal tables set up at the sign-in area for the month of April for those people that want to take care of that kind of business. Be sure and sign the Ride Waiver form that must be completed once each year.

Ride leaders are responsible for determining: the regroup spots, speed of the ride, and the make-up of the group. Persons that do not conform to safe riding practices can be disqualified at the leaders discretion. Ride leaders should bear in mind that rides designated minus (-) should be considerably slower than the rides designated only with a letter, perhaps even at the speed of the lower letter. For example, an B- ride might ride at a C pace and A- at a B pace.

Only cycling related items are permitted on the SOB web site. The Board will decide on a case by case basis if there are questions or exceptions.

Traffic Skills 201 classes in mechanics and cycling techniques were held in March. Twenty SOBs took advantage of these opportunities. A Ride Leader training program will be held in May. Thanks Stephen N, Rob & Charlies bike shop, Judy C, SOB President, and Edwin C, Educational Coordinator.

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