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For distance, route, elevation gain, cue sheet see above link to RWGPS

A Rides may have an A and/or A- Leader. All A rides will have two groups at two paces. Faster than a speeding bullet (e.g. Alex/Joe/Tom/Gordon) and energetic (e.g. mere mortals). If there is only 1 leader, all turns will be marked and re-groups will be announced and monitored.

D rides will be held from April 4 thru June 13 ONLY

Group / Leader
A group     #_ATT{LeaderA}
A- group     #_ATT{LeaderA-}
B+ group     #_ATT{LeaderB+}
B group     #_ATT{LeaderB}
B- group     #_ATT{LeaderB-}
C group     #_ATT{LeaderC}