On Thursday the C Group ride met at the Catholic Church Parking in Pena Blanca for a loop ride around Santa Domingo (Kewa) and Cochiti Pueblos.

With 10 riders, we set off in glorious weather, light clouds and cool, waking up a few Pueblo dogs as we went, but almost immediately dropped into another world of greenery and small farms, with corn as “high as an Elephants eye”. The photo was taken on the bridge over the Rio Grande, where it looks like they are re-routing the river around some barriers in the river. Maybe some sort of flood control. (Bill and Rennie just coming in) Further down the road we passed a few cattle on the road plus some horses grazing on the grass by the side of the road. I almost expected to see a “hobbit” or two pop out from the small buildings (but then I’m originally from New Zealand)

On the way down to Cochiti Pueblo, we joked about the non-bridge where we needed to walk through in the past, but found to our surprise that the bridge has been completely re-built and is now a splendid structure with a fine repaved road. Through Cochiti Pueblo, some of us took a break at the new (1 yr old) visitor center, complete with bathrooms and a tidy looking shop, including shade for hot cyclists.

We cruised the last 4 miles to the parking area and I think all agreed it was one of the nicer rides of the year, with a happy, very sociable group.


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