The mirror vendor has gotten the yellow caps back in stock.  Mirrors are just $10.  They are a great help and they do add to your safety allowing you to see who / what is behind without veering off into traffic.


Be sure to select the Seniors on Bikes bottle cap from the drop down list and also the mounting type.  There are 2 types, eyeglass and helmet mount.

The Flatlander Bicycle Rear View Mirror is made in 2 types, Helmet and Sunglass Models. When properly adjusted, a simple twist of the head from 10 to 15 degrees is all that is necessary to see what is behind you.

The Sunglass Model has a high quality mirror, made from a 15 straight gauge spoke so it is lightweight, will mount securely, and offer good visibility. The sunglass model was designed to fit 90% of sunglasses made today. The ideal glasses are ones that have a rectangular temple. Some Oakley’s or other models with fancy temples may have issues, however there was no issue with Oakley Flak jackets (see photo). The Sunglass model comes in Left and Right Hand styles. The normal is the Left Hand Style which places the mirror on the left or traffic side of the glasses.

The Helmet Model is lightweight, has a high quality mirror, and is made from a 14 straight gauge bicycle spoke so it will mount securely, offer good visibility, and not vibrate. It is well suited for people with prescription eyewear, especially those with lightweight glasses or if you have a pair of expensive sunglasses such as certain Oakley’s that can have exotic temples. Using the Helmet mirror, you are not limited to which pair of glasses you wear, you can even go without glasses for those long slow up hill climbs in summer when the sweat just pours from your eyes. The Helmet mirror comes in 2 mounting sizes, Standard and Large. The Standard size fits most helmets sold in Bike shops that have a rim width up to 1 1/4 inches or 31.75mm wide. The Large size will fit helmets that have rims that measure up to 1 1/2 inches or 38.1mm wide. Before ordering a helmet mirror please check your helmet rim for the width.

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