SOB Board Minutes

  • Date: Monday, January 13, 2020
  • Time: 9:30 am
  • Place: Judy’s Apartment # 519
    • El Castillo Retirement Community
    • 250 Alameda Ave.
    • Santa Fe, NM

Members Present

  1. Judy Costlow
  2. Edwin Crosswhite
  3. Steve Gitomer (phone conference call)
  4. Ian Norrish
  5. Bob Bogart
  6. Lynn Pickard,
  7. Lore Thorpe
  8. Shirley Knarr


  1. Mike Knarr
  2. Christine Van Dornick


Treasurer: Steve

Income and expense report sent via e-mail to Board members. League of American Bicyclists (LAB) membership and insurance bills are about $1,700.00 pending. Suggest some type of member benefit be discussed.

Ride Director: Judy

Special thanks to Bob for all the work he has been doing on the web pages. Will try and set up a Ride Leader meeting for Monday Feb. 3 at 10:30. Meeting time limit will be 2 hours.

Ad Hoc Rides: Bob

The Energetic group are averaging 12 riders and the Relaxed group around 8 riders when the weather is nice.

Education: Edwin

The Bike Safety Class will use a modified LAB Traffic Skills 101 curriculum. The ten week course will be divided into a 20 minute lesson at the start of each ride followed by a progressive ride starting with 2 miles and increase each week until we reach 20 miles.

The Ride Leader Training will be at the end of April depending on when the presenters are available.

Web Master: Ian

There are 288 people signed up for the Blog which indicates many non members are using it. There is a 62% usage rate which is substantial. Three members on the Board reported not receiving a welcome letter after renewing their membership. This would indicate that several club members are also having that problem. Edwin will print up some blank membership cards and have them at the sign-in table that can be filed in by members.

Membership: Bob

Ian and I have opened up the 2020 join page on the web site. Presently there are 42 members, at the end of 2019 we had 182 members. The use of the web for new and renewals is going very well.

Social Director: Lore

The Mid-Season Luncheon had a drop off of about 10 people.

The End of Year Luncheon also had a drop in attendance. As a result the treasury was charged $160. After some discussion it was generally decided that the club will charge club members $5.00 for the End of Season Luncheon and pay the additional cost from the SOB treasury.

Bike Advocate: Lynn

This year is the short state legislative session and no action is proposed on the Five Foot Rule.

Sponsors: Shirley

It is time to produce the 2020 SOB brochure. Edwin’s new operating system will not connect to his 13 year old color printer. It was decided that Edwin would send a color copy to Shirley and she would have them printed commercially.

Hincapie Store: Bob

The SOB on-line store will be open from mid March to mid April. It takes about 6 weeks after the store closes for delivery. It is planned to reopen the store later in the season if there is enough interest.

Action Item

  1. E-Bike Guidelines


Moved by Edwin

Second by Lynn

E-bikes and riders are welcomed to ride with the Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes cycling club with the following stipulations.

  1. E-bikes must be power assist that only provide power when the rider is pedaling. A rider with an e-bike that has both pedal assist and pedal free function will be allowed to ride if they use only the pedal assist function.

  2. A power on demand bike such as a moped or motorcycle are not allowed unless they are support vehicles.

  3. All riders are encouraged to take a bicycle safety class such as the League of American Bicyclist Smart Cycling courses especially if they are not familiar or used to riding a bicycle in an organized group.

  4. While on the ride the correct bike rider position is in the back of the pack. An exception is made when climbing a long hill and the e-bike rider is permitted to ride in the front of the pack.

  5. It is the Ride Leaders responsibility that participants on all SOB organized rides are compliant with the above requirements.

Passed: Unanimously

2. Parking Cost


Moved by Edwin

Second by Judy

At SOB events such as Board and Ride Leaders meetings, and the Winter Pot Luck the club will pay the cost of parking for members that attend. This cost will not require the Board approval in the future.

Passed: Unanimously

3. Shirley’s Resignation


Moved by Shirley

Second by Edwin

Shirley Knarr resigns her SOB Board position as SOB Sponsor Representative and nominate my husband, Michael Knarr, to be her replace as the Sponsor Representative for the Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes.

Passed: Unanimously

4. On-line sign up: Bob

There was some discussion on signing up for the Thursday rides on line. The plan is to make this available to all ride leaders.

5. SOB Website: Bob

The home page has been revised to make it more compact and efficient. It is now more mobile friendly (cell phone).  You can see it at

The essential information about our club, our rides, safety etc are now on one (long) page.

We discussed the new look of the website and agreed it should be taken live. 

6. Scheduled Rides 2020: Judy


7. Expenditures under $100: Bob

After a short discussion it was generally agreed that any SOB club expenditure under $100.00 would not need to have Board approval. If a board member wants the club to expend less than $100.00, that member emails Board members and if there is no objection within 24 hours, the treasurer will be authorized to pay it. This serves the purpose of letting everybody know what’s happening. If someone objects, they state the reasons, and it goes to a vote.

It was also agreed to approve the expenditure for our Ride With GPS subscription when that comes due.

8. Surplus in SOB bank account: Steve

Decided earlier that the club members be charged $5.00 for the End 0f the Season Buffet and the treasury pick up the additional cost this year.

9. A/A- change Request: Lynn and Christine


Moved by Edwin

Second by Shirley

Form a small Ad Hoc committee to prepare a motion that would be presented to the full Board prior to the February 2nd Ride Leader meeting.

Motion Failed

Yes: 3

No: 5

It was generally agreed that Christine would join the Board and serve as the liaison between the SOB Board and the A/A- group for this cycling season. The A/A- group would operate in accordance with the following proposal for one year.

The proposal:

A /A- Group Ride Management

Allow the A/A- group to manage its own rides within the context of the SOBs.  Five of the A/A- group ride leaders chosen from the SOB certified A/A- leaders (Rick G, John, Bob, Christine, Dave, Guy, Larry, Monica, Rob, Rich, Christa, others as they become certified) who agree to serve will collaborate on ride management.  Call it ARM, for A ride management.  (A TLA is always required!). 

ARM will assign ride leaders for in season Thursday rides after the schedule is set at the ride leaders meeting.  Rides will be scheduled as currently, for the season, in conjunction with the ride leaders meeting.  However, ARM will have the freedom to change dates and times and locations during the season as they see fit.  Notification will be made to the entire SOB community via a blog post and / or twitter depending on the amount of time before the ride.  

Blog emails go out at 2am so if a change is made at least 1 day prior to a ride then a blog post will be made.  However, if on the morning of a ride, conditions have changed, then only a twitter post will be made.  This will be done both in season and during the winter months.  


ARM processes

1.  Ad Hoc Rides – no changes

2.  In season Thursday rides – no changes to the following:

a) Ride leaders will all be certified by having attended SOB Ride Leader training, as now.

b) Rides will be scheduled at the normal ride leaders meeting in Feb in conjunction with entire SOB community, as now.

c) Any / all riders are welcome to join in on A/A- rides, as now.

3.  In season Thursday rides – minor changes:

a) The ARM group will assign leaders for the season in advance.  Leaders will be posted online ASAP.  If changes are needed we will adjust as needed with changes posted to the ride in question.  This will save Judy a lot of work and aggravation.  Any certified SOB ride leader can lead any A/A- ride, the season setup will be open to all.  ARM will strive to have 2 leaders for each ride, an A and an A- leader.  However, if 2 leaders can not be found for a given ride, then the group will ride with one leader as one group.

b) If weather or other conditions warrant, ARM will consult, and rides will be changed with notice posted on blog and twitter and via website.  Members will be reminded to always check website the morning of the ride for any last minute changes.    Alternate A/A- rides can be offered (i.e. 2 different rides on the same day) at different start locations if desired.

c) For rides that start separate from the rest of the SOB group, the online signup process will be used.  This creates an email list that can be used if changes are needed.  Folks can still ride if they don’t signup in advance.  (It is suggested that all SOB Thursday rides adopt the online signup process.    It is easy to put the signup stipulations on the signup page.)

4.  A/A- Ride Leader protocol – no real change, just explanatory:  A/A- ride leaders will always start and end a ride they are leading with the group, making sure that all riders who started a ride have completed the ride or have indicated that they have opted out on their own.  Ride leaders who do not adhere to this process will not be allowed to lead A/A- rides in the future.  If an A/A- ride leader has a mechanical or emergency, it is fine to leave a ride as long as an alternate leader has been drafted to fill in and after the group has been informed that there has been a change in leader.  At each regroup, leaders will announce the next regroup and if there are any significant confusing turns upcoming.  

5.  A/A- Ride protocol – minor changes:  Adhere, as now, to all SOB ride requirements (helmets, laws, etc.)  That said, the A/A- group has morphed into, essentially, a no drop group on its own.  While there is no HERO, ride leaders are expected to ensure that all riders make all turns and understand where regroups are going to be held.   We wait for minor mechanicals, (e.g. flats) to be repaired or we break into smaller groups so that no one is left on their own for extended periods of time.  It is natural for slower riders to lose contact with the group, especially on long climbs, and that is fine.  We will ensure that everyone is back together at each regroup.  Faster riders may, at their own discretion, ride as far off the front as they desire.  If they miss a turn, then they are on their own.  It is at the discretion of the ride leader whether or not to chase them down or to send someone to chase them down.  Riders may move between A and A- groups during a ride as they see fit, however, they must inform the ride leader if they leave one group for the other (assuming there are 2 leaders).  


Adjourn: 12:10

Respectively Submitted by

Edwin Crosswhite, SOB Board Secretary

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