SOB Board Minutes

Date:  Saturday, February 2, 2019

Time:  9:30 – 10:45am

Place: El Castillo Community Room

250 Alameda Ave.

Santa Fe, NM


Call to Order: 9:33


Club Directors 


Judy Costlow

Edwin Crosswhite

Ian Norrish,

Bob Bogart

Lore Thorpe

Shirley Knarr


Steve Gitomer

Lynn Pickard



Ride Director: Judy 

  • A and A- ride distances will be the same.

  • B+, B, and B- distances will be the same.

  • C distance will be the same.

  • The speed, number of stops, HERO, and any modifications are the responsibility of the Ride Leader. Ride safety is the number one concern for the leader.

  • There is no ban on e-bikes at SOB rides. There have only been 2 riders the last three years and they did not return to any other club rides.

  • Ways to deal with the large number of riders in a group were discussed. One of the solutions was: at the start of the ride Edwin will meet with each group leader and decide ways to split them into smaller more manageable sizes by addinganother leader and HERO.

Ad Hoc Rides: Bob

  • The Saturday and Tuesday rides have an Energetic and Relaxed groups. Overall attendance is between 15 to 35 riders based mainly on weather conditions. The rides are going well.

Treasurer: Steve

Education: Edwin

  • There will be a D group added this year. The ride distance will start at 5 miles and increases gradually to 20 miles over a ten week period.
  • A 20 minute Basic Biking Class will be held at the beginning of the D Group rides. The purpose is to increase rider confidence to ride with the C group.
  • The Ride Leader Training class will be conducted in mid June.
  • An intermediate/advance rider instruction class will be taught following the Ride Leader course. The LAB Traffic Skills 201 curriculum will be used.


Web Master: Ian

  • Did not see a need to do the Ride Survey this year. Using Pay Pal has worked out well with only minor issues with riders paying $20.00 on line and $25.00 at the sign-in table. 

Membership: Bob

  • Current Membership is 76 starting as of Jan.1. The 2018 membership was 140.
  • The new system of completing the waiver and application on line is working very well. It is okay for one time Santa Fe visitors that want to join to pay only $20.00 and sign-the SOB club ride waiver at the sign-in table.
  • Life Members will be notified that they are required to complete the Ride Waiver each year. This has required several attempts in the past. 


Social Director: Lore

  • The Mid-Season and End of Year Luncheons will be held at the same locations as last year. There will be optional menu items (other than New Mexican) at lunches.
  • Judy should be reimbursed for any expenses she incurs personally and from El Castillo for the meeting today and the Winter Pot Luck.


Bike Advocate: Lynn

  • She already submitted the “Advocate” report in writing and will update it this week if there’s anything to add.


Sponsors: Shirley

  • Meeting at Violet Crown on Feb 26. 

SOB Web Store: Bob

  • The store just closed, 80 items were sold.


Action Item

Item 1

Ride Leaders will be given a 20th Year SOB Mug and a pair of socks for leading 5 rides in 2019.

Moved: Ian

Second: Bob

Passed: unanimously

Item 2

Renew the Ride with GPS account for 2019. Approximate cost is $250.00.

Moved: Bob

Second: Judy

Passed: unanimously


Discussion Item

  • Bob has created a Twitter account. It is #sfsobsf.


Adjourn: 10:48


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