Here is a bit more about the project,
I was asked by Big Brothers Big Sisters to do a mural project with them and the Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes in October of 2001. I did some leg work and secured a wall off of Siringo next to the rail trail. The owner, David Zeiset, is also an artist and will be helping out. BBBS had a recent faculty change and now they only want to participate in tiling on the wall when that happens. The SOB’s should be available for tile making, bikepart/tile mandalas for the sky, and hands on tiling and grouting at the mural site.
I am registered to work in schools and last year did a summer school program in Santa Fe. Some of the tile work making may spill over into that. I also volunteer with Vital Spaces and was thinking of setting up at one or two workshops at their monthly art giveaways.
Right now I am doing test tiles and buying supplies. Raven Tree Studios will only charge electric costs for firing tiles.
The theme is Generations with many ages working together. Elders will make wisdom stones to ground the mural. The youth will be making soaring bird tiles. Bikepart mandalas mixed with tiles and glass will make up the sky. There is room for individual design, texture, words on tiles.
I could use donations of non-rusting bike parts, specifically cassettes and cranksets that can be taken apart to be part of the sky mandalas.
Some SOB’s offered to donate money when I spoke to them last Fall. I am keeping record of all supplies bought for the project. Since we did not get the Culture Connects Grant, any amount would be helpful.
At the moment I have spent $381.05 on clay, stained glass, and some glazes. I am going to be donating my time and also most likely a bunch of supplies I already have.
I have a paypal account with my email:
Checks: Julie Deery
               5C La Otra Vanda
               Galisteo, NM, 87540
I also have an account with Square for my business under Julie Deery Mosaics
I will keep a record of donations for reference.
Here is my website with some mural projects on it for reference.

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