Our SOB annual cycling trip will be in September from the 10th to the 15th.  We will go to Grand Junction, Colorado on Tues.Sept.10 and leave on Sunday, Sept 15th.  Our tour will coinside with Grand Junction’s annual Tour of the Moon on the 14th, so for those who would like to do that tour you can sign up.  The Tour of the Moon can be either 41 miles or 60 miles and it is a beautiful, challenging ride.  On the other days, we will also have some great rides.  Our SOB tour will be a hub ride.  We will stay in Grand Junction and ride out from our hotel everyday.  I need to know who would be seriously interested so I can start making reservations. I have to start now to get a group rate and place.    So, pass this on if you know someone who may not read this blog.  My email is j.costlow@gmail.com.       Link for Tour of the Moon:       https://www.theridecollective.com/tourofthemoon


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