I have seen too many of the folks riding with the club acting in a manner that is unsafe for them and for their fellow cyclists. It seems that they are unaware of what is happening around them. We should all have a picture not only of what is in front of us, but what is happening to the sides and to the rear. Hopefully, most of us do it in our cars by constantly scanning ahead and checking the rear view mirrors. It is at least as important to do these things when riding a bicycle.

There are times when taking the lane is the safest option, e.g. at traffic circles or avoiding the door zone. But many times folks are doing it when staying to the right is safe. The folks in question seem to be unaware when there are cars back. When this happens, traffic backs up and riders at the rear have cars on their tails. It is an uncomfortable and dangerous situation to be in. And ticking off motorists puts all cyclists in danger.

The club rules (and the law) are clear, we are to ride to the right. We are to be safe and courteous riders, etc., etc.

I would ask all of you to click on this SOB link and review the safety section. Abiding by the rules will make life easier for the ride leaders.

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