I had some issues with importing users from the ad hoc site to the new site.  I have resolved those issues.  I reset EVERYONE’s username to their email address (Except Ian and SteveO).  If anyone has logged in between yesterday and today, and you used a username that was not your email, sorry but I just changed your username back to your email.  No way to know who knew their old username.

So, to review.  Usernames are your email address.  User names cannot be changed so if it offends you to use your email address, let me know and I can change it for you.  All passwords are (contact me at admin@sfsob.cosine-santafe.com if you need the password).   If you did change your password, in the last day or so, it is whatever you changed it to, I did not mess with that.  Still recommend that you login and change your password.

If you have ANY issues email admin@sfsob.cosine-santafe.com and I’ll fix it for you.  Sorry for the confusion.

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