Few things, please read.

  1.  You don’t need to email and cancel if you have a conflict for a ride that you have signed up for.  One rider more or less will not make a major or even a minor difference.
  2.  I am not going to post who has signed up for what anymore.  When you sign up for a ride, you get an email confirmation.  Save it.  When memory fails, look it up.  Just as with cancellations, if you forget to signup and you show up anyway it will not make any difference to the fate of the free world.
  3.  C riders.  Your missing June rides will be posted soon.  Fret not.
  4.  Ride leaders!  Signups for June are open.  Click this link and choose your rides. 
  5.  Riders.  June rides are open for signups.  Go to “Ride Schedule”, click ride name, “Join the Ride”.

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