A few notes.  We are starting Tuesdays and Saturdays at 0900 for September.  Same start point, DeVargas on Tuesday, the El Camino Academy on Saturday.  These rides will be posted in the calendar.  Note there is no ride on Saturday Sept 17.  Also, on Sept 24, we plan to meet up with a group who are riding from Texas to Denver.  They will overnight in Santa Fe on Friday the 23rd and we may meet up with them Friday for a beer.  This is not the Texas 4000 but is another Texas group that supports prostate care.  Not sure of the start point for the 24th, but probably NOT El Camino Academy.  Likely in town somewhere once we know where they are staying.  Another post will be created with more details as we get closer.

Tuesday Sept 6, we will do a special Tuesday ride, leaving from San Felipe Casino again, like we did in April.  The plan is to go out toward Bernalillo and then the Bosque Trail.  We will try for 30 miles out and then back for a total of 60ish.  Anyone can turn around sooner for less miles or we might all turn back as the group decides.  Ride start is 0900.  Carpool leaves DeVargas, if you want to carpool, at 0800.  (Note, this start time is different from what Edwin suggested in his email.)  The ride will be posted in the calendar.

This coming Tuesday is still August.  That means we start at 0830.

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