Hi All, I would like to kow who might be interested in a Sept. ride in Colorado.  We go the Tuesday after Labor Day, Sept. 6th to the 10th.  I am proposing Frisco Colorado again for a fixed base ride.  We did ride there about 5 years ago. and everyone, seemed to really have a good time.  For those who would like a couple of days traveling I suggest starting in Frisco, ride there for a day to warm up.  On the second day you will ride to Vail and continue to Leadville for the night, about 55 miles and a fair amount of climbing.  The next day you would ride around Turquise Lake (about 25 miles) and then come back to Frisco another 30 miles.  Spend another night in Frisco and returnnto Santa Fe on Saturday.   Each group would cycle 3 days and have two days of travel.  Let me know if you would be interested and for which group.  I need to start planning it soon.  For now, I just need to know if you are seriously interested.  Judy –  j.costlow@gmail.com

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