Hi All,

I will go into Hip Surgery on April 25. Walking has become difficult, but riding is still fine. Currently I am still in Europe until March 17 but I would like to keep pedaling all the way to the day of surgery – so hopefully you will see me out on a few rides. In addition I would like to set up one of my bikes on a trainer so I can get some spinning in on other days. And especially after surgery I would like to get back in the saddle as soon as possible.

Does anybody have a trainer at home which she/he is not using in that time frame (March 20 – May 31). If so I would appreciate if you could loan it to me. I hate to buy one, but if I cannot find one I will do so and put it up for sale afterwards – I am really not so fond of sitting on a bike without feeling the wind in my face.

You can answer to this blog or contact me directly via email at michael.holzscheiter@gmail.com

Thanks very much, and see you on the road soon.





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