Next Tuesday, June 15, 24 riders and some support members arrive in Santa Fe on their way to the Canadian border. Spending two nights in Santa Fe, the riders will leave on June 17, headed to Denver.

Two great opportunities for SOB members to interact with the students from the University of Texas:

Meet the riders as they arrive in Eldorado and escort the riders to the Old Santa Fe Trail and to the Plaza and finally to their hotel in the Rail Yard area. The riders should arrive 2.00  to 3:00 p.m. After a brief rest stop, SOB members will assist the riders by dividing into two groups for safety reasons. SOB members can either ride from DeVargas Center to Eldorado and return with the students. Or, as I will do, leave a car at DeVargas and get a ride to Eldorado and just ride one way with the group. Weather predictions indicate warm temperatures and perhaps just riding one way makes sense. Imagine the Texas 4000 riders–they will have ridden uphill for more than 75 miles in the heat and still have to 168 miles to go to get to their motel. Rested SOB members will enjoy the handicap.

The second opportunity is to share dinner at the Las Campanas Country Club. Great facilities and the atmosphere is very collegiate meeting the students and alumni of the University of Texas, Santa Fe chapter. Activities will begin about 5:30 p.m., with dinner at 6:30. A special menu of chicken enchiladas and other items, including desert prepared by the Club’s chef will be served. The cost is $60.00 per person. So, bring your best friend, spouse, or partner and have a dinner out. It will be a beautiful night.

To assist in arranging details, especially helping Las Campanas plan for the dinner, it will be very helpful if you can email me if you plan to:

Meet the riders at Eldorado

Join the Texas 4000 for dinner–how many people in your reservation?

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Submitted by Bill Pollock

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