On Montoyas from yesterday’s double brisk (cool and fast) 32 miler.  Tom took the photo so he is “out of the picture”.  Good turnout, good ride.


Rick G found a free beer ride for next Saturday.  After reading the poster and a couple of subsequent posts on FB, I propose that the SOBs join the ride at the start but that we do our own ride.  The proposal on FB is Galisteo Loop but if they plan to finish in 2 hours, I don’t think that works for us, i.e. 25 mph average.  We can keep an open mind and see what they suggest at the start.  But if we don’t want to go 50, which I’m not sure I do at this point, we can do an alternate ride, more typical of our usual Saturdays, heading from SF Brewing to La Cienega, around airport, So Meadow, up 599 frontage, then either down Montoyas, through town to Old Pecos, Rabbit, Dino, brewery or all the way to Tano and Old Taos and then pick up Old Pecos etc.  See poster below.  So, I will also post this ride on the website as our Sat Nov 19 ride.


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