Start again at Buf Thun (or for Joe et al in Galisteo).  Start time 1030 from Buf Thun  (Joe you’ll need to start around 0 dark thirty to make Buf Thun by 1030)  It should be close to 50 at 10.30.  We will ride toward Chimayo, stay on 503 until we get to the top of the hill in Cundiyo, about mile 11 from Buf Thun (not continue around tho)  We will then reverse course, ride down to Chimayo, eat pray love and then ride back to Buf Thun.  About 32 miles RT from Buf Thun.  Your mileage may vary.

When you read this (Thursday) it is forecast to be below acceptable start temp for many of us, so the number of folks at 599 will be somewhat diminished.

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