Lots of news.  Through the good graces of Rich L we will have SAG support tomorrow during the ride.  He will be driving a tan Toyota pickup with a camper shell.  He will primarily be in the area from White Rock to the back gate.  If you need water or help, signal him as he drives by or call his cell phone Five 0 Five -412-948 four

Fit Kits for jerseys from Hincapie are here.  Unfortunately we do not YET have every style and every size.  We have Velocity M/W in S,M,L,XL.  Axis M/W Race Axis W Club in S,M.XL.  No M Axis Club yet.  No Axis L yet.  Sorry.  On the way.  No shorts yet either.  The fit kit should be at the start in White Rock tomorrow.

The SOB Store to purchase Jerseys, Shorts, Bibs, Arm Warmers is now open.  Click this link.  Please read all the instructions carefully

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