Our group has grown with lots of new riders.  Thus it is a good time to list our safe riding guidelines (click here) for our new riders and to refresh the memory of us older members.

In addition, previously, we have not written out paceline guidelines (click here).  The intention is to explain expectations and the process that we use so everyone can understand it.  It is time consuming and we are forgetful, so verbally explaining all this at or during a ride is problematic.

You can access the information on these two webpages:  Safe Riding Guidelines and Paceline Guidelines (complete with video) or by downloading  a PDF.

Joe, Tom, and I organized these guidelines so feel free to comment on them.  They are not cast in stone.   (Add comments below or send an email to admin at sfsob.cosine-santafe dot com)

There is a lot of information here so please take the time to read it and comprehend it.  Ask if you have ANY questions.

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