Hurrah for LynnP.  She did a great job speaking to the House Judiciary Committee about the bike bills in the legislature for this year.  Below, quoting from Lynn, is the status and what you can do to help:

The 5 foot bill:  The sponsor was in a different committee hearing so Speaker Egolf sat next to me (Lynn) while I presented the bill. Then he said it was a fantastic bill and the chair asked for support and opposition. There was no opposition in the audience so the chair asked supporters to be brief and they were. Then a couple of Republicans had questions about the bill, which the speaker and I answered, but not to their satisfaction. I think the final vote was 9 to 2 do pass. Next stop House floor.

I spoke from the audience on behalf of the SOBs in favor of the increased penalty for careless driving resulting in death or great bodily harm. There were more questions and debate about that. It also got a do pass but it has another Committee to make it through, which makes it less likely that it will pass the House in enough time for the Senate.

Show your support for these bills:  We’ve already got Brian Egolf on board. Matthew McQueen was also a strong supporter. If they are your reps, please write or call to thank them. If any of you have the other SF reps (Andrea Romero, Jim Romero, or Linda Trujillo), you can write to them and urge to vote yes. I’m pretty sure Jim voted in favor the last time. Andrea and Linda were not there, but Andrea is buds with the sponsor as they both sit on the Consumer and Public Affairs Committee and vote similarly, and Linda rode her bike to meet the sponsor when the sponsor (Angelica Rubio) rode her bike from Las Cruces for the session. You can find addresses and numbers at, and use the drop down for legislators, house.

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