Thursday’s SOB Club Rider took riders round and round the inner and outer loops of Las Campanas; and, up and down Pos de la Tierra to Las Dos and Opera Drive (aka 285 Frontage Road). Then it was a downhill run along the 599 Frontage Road back to our start point on Caja del Rio Road.  Leaderless at the start, Rick and John stepped up as co-Leaders for the ride as we meandered through the Las Campanas maze.  Here’s the group photo at Las Dos surveying the recently chipped road on the climb to the summit (Joe behind the lens). Our route covered 43 mile at 15+ MPH with about 3,000 ft of climb.

And… with any good ride, its never finished until we are toasting the ride. Today’s lunch was at the Santa Fe Capital Grill!!

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