Many of you have heard about this unfortunate incident last Thursday. I was reluctant to publicize it since I did not want to confuse or prejudice any investigation with emails and blog posts and newspaper reports of differing information. Also I want to respect everyones privacy so I will only use first names.

The SOB’s were riding toward Galisteo on 41, about 15 of us, around noon (lots of blinking red lights in our group). We were buzzed at high speed by a small white Honda full on the horn, straddling the double yellow. (no one in oncoming traffic BTW)
After driver passed he stopped and backed up toward the peloton. One rider, Doug, went down extremely hard (unclear to me exactly how he interacted with the car, others had a clearer view) and he remains in very serious condition at Christus with numerous broken ribs and a cracked pelvis. Two other riders (Ed and Bud) also went down hard as well but did not require immediate hospitalization. Bud has broken bones in both hands, Ed has cracked ribs and a concussion. After some shouting with stopped riders, the driver then drove away. We got the license number and he was apprehended by SF County Deputies and escorted back to the scene. At the scene he was interviewed and then left to drive away. Deputy confirmed to me that he admitted to stopping and backing up. Some riders have been interviewed by sheriff subsequently, others have not. At the scene we called 911 to get an ambulance and to give 911 the license number of the driver who caused the crash. That’s where I know the situation to be right now.

Doug will be in the hospital for quite some time and if you want to visit him that would be very helpful. Email via the contact page and I will get back to you with more information on how to find him at Christus. We have asked him to let us know if he needs anything and we will pass that on. Wishing everyone a fast and complete recovery and all of us safe riding.

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