The SOB Board met (virtually) today and approved the following guidelines for SOB rides starting now and continuing until further notice.

Background:  Covid-19 has not receded as we had all hoped.  In fact, cases nationwide and in neighboring states have begun to rebound, and although New Mexico is still in reasonably good shape, it has also seen an uptick in cases.  Since we are going to have to live with it for the foreseeable future, we need to adapt in a way that is safe for us but still allows us to live our lives.  Several “unofficial” groups of SOBs have been riding together since our closure in mid-March with no known issues as of June 24.  There seems no reason not to offer these groups, and others that may form, coverage under our liability insurance, which we have paid for already for 2020.  The latest and best available health science information says that outdoor transmission of Covid-19 is extremely rare and very few, if any, documented cases of outdoor transmission have occurred.  Along with social distancing, hand sanitizing, and mask wearing, keeping your number of contacts small and contained is strongly advised.  So we are NOT going to restart a regular all club ride schedule.

However, the SOBs are going to sanction the existing ride groups and offer to sanction any new groups that form as long as all these groups adhere to a small set of requirements and take active notice of several strong recommendations.

Rides are official SOB rides if:
1) There is at least one SOB certified ride leader, and at least a total of 2 riders.

2) Riders are paid up SOB members, all riders wear helmets, and all riders have submitted both the standard and a new Covid-19 waiver. (total of 2 waivers).  Ride leaders will be given access to the SOB membership list which indicates who is paid and waivered.  SPECIAL NOTE:  DO NOT RIDE IF YOU HAVE ANY ACTIVE SYMPTOMS AND FOR 10 DAYS AFTER ALL SYMPTOMS ARE GONE.  DO NOT RIDE IF YOUHAVE BEEN EXPOSED AND FOR AT LEAST 14 DAYS AFTER BEING EXPOSED.

3) Ride groups adhere to SOB ride rules and current NM Health Advisories to the greatest extent possible. New groups should strive for five or fewer riders; existing groups should strive for subgroups of that size. If and when larger groups are permitted by NM Health Advisories, that is the maximum number the SOBs should strive for.  Ride groups shall maintain the same group of riders.  Please do not add more riders than allowed by NM Health Advisories, and do not swap riders between groups.  This allows us to keep a consistent set of ride partners and thus to keep a consistent set of contacts.

4) Social distance at starts, at rest stops, at end of ride.  It is prudent to ride farther back behind people than the six-foot social distance limit. Masks should be worn whenever state or local health advisories or laws require them.

5) Ride groups are self-organizing – including routes, start location, start time.  Rides will be scheduled via email lists and the SOB website will not be used to schedule any rides.

6) There is a form on the SOB website which anyone can submit indicating they are looking to become a part of a ride group.  The webmasters will forward that information to ride leaders who are willing to form new groups and members will be contacted by the ride leaders to set up rides.  The form and the Covid waiver can be accessed here:

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