Yikes.  70 yesterday, snow today!  Should be ok for a ride Tuesday the 29th, cold but barely within acceptable limits.  (As a reminder, for me, those limits are:  >=38 F, full sun, <=15mph wind, no precip, no significant snow or ice on the pave.)  Forecast for 10am on Thursday the 31st is 28 and since the A and B rides are down to Pojaque, for those that show up, it will a test of fortitude and your winter kit.  As always now that we are into more iffy weather, check twitter in the morning for any last minute cancellations or adjustments!  (I strongly suspect that there may be some changes coming for Thursday the 31st, given the forecast start temp, so stay tuned).

15 SOBs joined the Day of the Tread in Querque yesterday.  Fine day to ride out, bit of a head wind on the way back!  We did the unofficial 60, out to Bernalillo (after a sopapilla hit at El Pinto), up Placitas, and then back.  Managed to stay upright going down hill in the cross wind and then with the help of Tony Martin (aka Pete Nast) we pelotoned from Bernalillo to Sandia, barely managing to make 11 or 12 mph.  Once on 4th St in the houses and on the Bosque there were some trees to break up the wind a bit, but all were tired from pushing into the wind for the final 20 miles!  Photo below (all the boys were so blown away by the pulchritude that we couldn’t stand up.)

I am going with a 10.30 start for Nov ad hoc rides since there will be some help from the clocks but we can change if it proves to be too cold.  So starting Nov 1, we will do our rides at 10.30 am.  For those not familiar with our “off season” rides, we do ride all year, weather permitting (see above).  There are usually 2 ad hoc rides each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, relaxed and energetic. Tuesday and Thursday rides all start from the same location although the Thursday location varies each month.  Saturday the relaxed group starts at DeVargas while the energetic group starts at El Camino Academy.  To break up the monotony, we are going to schedule an ABQ start once a month, although this is still weather dependent.

For November let’s start Thursday rides from 599 RR station.  Other start locations will be:  December  – ElDorado, January – Museum Hill, February – SFCC (Community College), March – Outlet Mall.  Subject to change with notice.

Find your winter kit and join the rides.

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