I have pasted his email below.  Feel free to contact him if you have any interest.  He may also appreciate some folks to ride with him.  (yes there is a ymail.com, I checked)

Hello. I’m an old guy, 67, from deep south Texas; Harlingen.
I’m coming to Santa Fe to climb a big hill; Santa Fe Ski area. Plan to do the ride/climb Monday morning 7th Aug; between 8-9 AM.

I’m looking for someone to ‘support’ me, going up; drive my truck, stop every 4-5 miles so I can get more drink/snacks. Figure it should take me 4 hours, possibly a little more. If no heart attacks.

If you know of anyone interested, I’d pay them $150 for the help.

Also, plan to try Sandia Peak Wed/Thurs (North approach and South approach). Same payment if any takers.

I know this is a long shot, not holding my breath. I’ll just carry lots of water in backpack.

five one two 970 two five nine five

-Bobby Crouch ( bobby_crouch@ymail.com )

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