Saturday, June 15, members of Seniors on Bikes and their spouses, partners, and friends can participate in a fabulous backstage tour of the Santa Fe Opera where they will see all of the facilities and work areas necessary to produce world class opera. And this tour will include a talk by the director of scenery and stage sets as the tour begins. One cannot imagine the immense space required for the facilities. Space to allow semi-trucks to deliver supplies, equipment. Elevators to move large stage sets up and down from floor to floor. Practice rooms for the singers. Rows and rows of costumes. The making and sewing of costumes. So join us.

The tour is free and begins with free coffee and muffins.

It’s OK to drive yourself to the opera instead of riding your bike. This is a great opportunity to take the tour with fellows SOBs.

The tour begins with coffee at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. The tour will take about 1 and 1/2 hours.

Riding your bike there is the real excitement. And you can create an extra ride following the tour.

Bike riders meet at Ft. Marcy Recreation center at 7:45. Park where we usually park for rides from the complex. If the gate is closed, park up the short hill to the east. Plenty of room there. We start at 7:45 and ride up Old Taos Highway and then down to the opera. Your bike is secure while you take the tour.

To plan for the coffee and muffins, let me know if you and guest(s) are going to participate. Send me an email:                Submitted by Bill Pollock




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