If you want to ride with most of your groups, please read.  Otherwise enjoy your own ride.

This week (the last week of July FWIW).  Ad hoc rides start 0845.  Thursday ride starts 0900 from Pecos Ranger Sta.

August.  Ad hoc rides start 0845.   MOST Thursday rides also start at 0845.  I will leave it to you to research and find the one that does not start at 0845.  Consider it homework.   Thursday rides for August have been posted.

Ride leaders please sign up for leading August rides here.

No more whining about start times.  We (Judy, Lynn, Bob) are NOT going to change them for August.  Changing the start times has caused a lot of confusion.  End of story.

Note:  The format of the registration section for signing up for Thursday rides has been changed by a software update.  I will try to revise it to be a little smaller but it will take time.

B riders.  Only 1 rider has signed up for Pecos this Thursday.  If we do not get 4 more then B ride will be cancelled.

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