Ride Schedule

Riding on ANY SOB ride implies consent to our combined liability – coivd waiver.  Click Join SOB link in main menu, fill out the waiver, and submit.  

There are rides every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – weather permitting.  From March thru August there is a Sunday Ad Hoc A ride from El Camino.

Tuesday and Saturday (Sunday) are always ad hoc.  Thursday rides from April thru October are planned, the rest of the year Thursday is ad hoc.  Start locations are listed below for year round ad hoc and Thursday winter rides.  NOTE that Thursday winter rides have the same start location for an entire month as indicated below.

Ad Hoc Start time:  Oct, Nov: 10:00     Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar: 11:00

Note that start times will change each month during the year as temps dictate.  Blog post will announce changes from the above.

Start Locations:

Location changes, if any, will be made via blog post in advance.
Gravel Saturday Ad Hoc Ride if any, will be advertised via blog post at least a day before.