Thanks again for what you do to help our club.

As you are aware we are starting up Thursday rides again in May.  Thus we will need your services.  As we all know Covid has caused lots of changes and we are trying to adapt appropriately.

Partly due to Covid and partly as an attempt at limiting group sizes we are going to try something new, at least for May.  So, depending on how many people sign up for each ride we may need more than one ride leader, so we can split up the groups into reasonable sizes.  We will designate a primary ride leader for each ride.  At the start that person will decide how many groups should be formed and will assign leaders / heros as appropriate.  So even though you may not be the primary ride leader, you may be asked to lead a group.  This will be most pronounced in the B+ B B- section but also in A A- and depending on attendance, multiple C sections.

We will evaluate how this works during May, and decide how to continue.

Due to Covid, we are not going to have any all group mass starts.  We are splitting into 3 groups and starting the rides at 3 different places each week.

In the ride list, rides are listed alphabetically by start location / name of ride.  The group designation is at the end of the ride name.  e.g. Bandelier B vs. Bandelier C.

In order to sign up for rides, please click and fill out the form to indicate which rides / dates you will be able to lead.  Please choose as many as possible.  You will then be informed, via email, which rides you have been made the primary leader and which rides you are eligible to be a secondary leader.  Whatever you submitted on the survey is not final or formal.  We are not using the survey to set up ride leaders for rides.  We will be using the above form.  So even if you filled out the survey, you must fill out this form to set up your ride leads.

Ride leaders, note that you will also need to reserve a space on the ride via the procedure to be posted on the blog tomorrow.

Thanks again.

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