SOB Info Notes May 4, 2016

On Thursday, May 5th in the sign-in area there will be volunteers from St. Elizabeth Shelters and Supportive Housing to sign up Santa Fe Century riders to be on Barbara’s SOB team, “Ride for a Reason”. There are no fees or need to get sponsors to support your ride. Signing up does not obligate you to ride with any other riders. You simply ride the course as you have planned. The purpose is to raise awareness and show support for St. Elizabeth Shelters and Supportive Housing.

You can view this video for more information:!ride-for-a-reason/c1v3j and check out:

This will be a good way for us to keep track of the SOBs that are doing the Century. I encourage you to join me and Barbara this year and sign on the Ride for a Reason Team.

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