I am a 71 year old who has done numerous long distance,loaded, bicycle tours. Last August 400 miles in Texas. If someone wanted suggestions for the Midwest states I could certainly give it.
I am looking forward to a long tour,maybe 500 miles plus in NM, Road bike. Latter part of Aug into early Sept. Will be carrying 50-60 lbs. 3-4 weeks of riding. 20 -60 miles a day. I am very fit but with my age and load want to avoid the hardest climbs. ( One killer climb to feel macho, maybe towards end of loop with less food ). Will drive from Chicago to some starting point in NM. Always camp,never stay in a motel; just find a good spot the woods or countryside.
My Yellowstone tour was a favorite. For NM I would like to again experience high desert country,mountain valleys.Forests, yes , but as different as possible from what we have in the Midwest.
I have the state bike map and have been poking around on web sites,but still have no idea where I want to go . Serendipity,and course changes have always been part of my tours.But could you make some recommendations? Would rally appreciate any suggestions, advice. Or can you put me in touch with someone ?
Last August, early Sept in Texas ,tour, I didn’t need a sleeping bag. Do you think I need one for NM . ? My simple propane/butane stove is a lot less trouble than my MSR white gas stove. Would one be better than the other for the altitudes I will be in ? Again I don’t want to tackle the hardest, longer climbs . Any idea of butane/propane fuel ratio to boiling x cups of water ?

Paul Skelley

skelleypaul at yahoo dot com

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