You will have to check twitter for day of cancellation notices.  Note that as of Wed at 5pm the prob of precip for Thrs Sept 30 at 10am is 37%, at 11am 49%.

Re-read the below section of the home page as a refresher.

on the morning of a ride, the ONLY way you will know if something has changed is to read twitter (search hashtag #SFSOBSF), or click this link.  If there is nothing on twitter then no change has been made EXCEPT FOR AUTOMATIC RIDE CANCELLATIONS (see below).

Lunch will be held rain or shine / ride or no ride at noon.  Given the forecast, there will be lots of empty tables for eating outside.

Ride leaders note.  If you choose to cancel your ride please tweet with hashtag #SFSOBSF.  If you don’t know how to do this, read up on it NOW.  Try for at least 1 hour notice.  We generally leave it up to the ride leaders to cancel their own rides unless it is obviously a no go.

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