Today, the 30th, 7 of us (Brigitte, Alan, Paul, Mark, Barb, Janet, me) started from CoG and rode up to Tano and back. The predicted wind storm did not develop; at the top of Tano it was virtually dead calm. Total of 26.5 miles, 1500 ft climbed, 14 avg

On the 23rd we had 10, J&J, Alan, David, Mark, me, Barb, Janet, Diane, Litz. We started from Caja and it was pretty chill but we managed to warm up. Finished with 22 miles, 2000 ft climbed, 13.5 avg.  Jim K had his GoPro and filmed part of the ride. You can see it below or click here (for as much as you can stand of people riding their bikes).

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