On a ride today down Rabbit Road from the intersection with Old Pecos Trail, we noticed that the road was repaved, but it did not extend to the bike lanes. Thus, there is a small lip at the edge of the bike lane when moving over to get on the road. Such a short-sighted repavement job was disappointing and dangerous. Perhaps it is not too late to have the Road Dept address this issue before lines are painted. This is a County issue and I have already sent a letter about this to my County Council Representative, but with copies to City Council Representative, and Mayor Weber to make them aware. I mentioned that this action is counter to the alleged Bike-Friendly stance of the county and city and disrespectful to the safety of the cycling community. I also mentioned that there is a possible county and city liability case if a cyclist is injured on this poorly paved section of road. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so write to your representatives if you want the road repaved properly and safely.

Alan Klein

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