Pure science, really? Well, combined with individual cycling experience and one’s perceptions, there is enough science in the following clips to give one the confidence to make pertinent personal choices. Over the years to meet my changing physiology I have adjusted my riding style, crank length, top tube length, saddle height, and gear ratios. Cycling adaptations are key to maintain cycling motivation and excitement.

A quick note re lactic acid theory, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11579166/ Nielsen et al in 2001 and recent research require us to again reevaluate our notions of lactic acidosis and muscle fatigue. There has been some research that suggests lactate acid can be beneficial to intense exercise metabolism. Go figure.

Does crank length matter?

Does cadence matter?

What is more efficient higher or lower saddle?

Which is more efficient clips-in or flat pedals?

Excess body weight versus excess bike weight

Aero or light bike?

My first fat tire.



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