Folks are starting to post their ad hoc rides.  That is great.

Three things to note.  First, in order for emails to go out listing the ride, you have to check off the proper event category (road or off road) AND select the proper Group under Group Ownership.  If you do not pick a group then NO emails go out.  (The ride will be listed in the ride calendar, but no emails will be sent.)  It is a pull down, just click it and you will see a choice of Social, Off-Road, and Road.  This is covered in the Help section if you want to review it.

Second, emails can take up to 24 hours to go out.  So if you are posting a Saturday ride, Thursday is kinda the latest day to get a good response.  (This is because the default email setting is once a day, and the day is set by when the person signed up for the group, not a fixed time of day.  So, for example, if someone signed up at noon and you post a ride at 1pm (Not the start time but the time you post it) their email won’t go out until noon the following day.  TMI?)

Third, if you want people to sign up for the ride, or just indicate they plan to attend, then check the box under Bookings/Registration to “Enable registration for this event”.

EVERYONE:  If you click into an event (you can see what it looks like if you click the Traffic Skills event) just under the location map you will see “Join the Ride”.  All you have to do is click “Send your booking” and you are signed up.  (This assumes you are logged into the site.  If you are not logged in, you can either login or register by entering your information and then clicking “Send your booking”

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